Ochtend met Angela Kemm

Opname van de ochtend met Angela Kemm op 1 februari 2014


Titus 2 Training

We believe that each and every believer carries something in their spiritual DNA of all five Eph. 4 ministry gifts’, but will tend to be more dominant in one of them.


What these supernatural gifts lead us to do:

1.      ApostlesLEAD THE WAY – extending and mobilising the kingdom of God into new areas.

2.      ProphetsLISTEN TO CHRIST – God-intoxicated communicators of God’s heart and his concerns.

3.      EvangelistsLOVE THE LOST – infectiously share the Good News with accompanying acts of kindness.

4.      ShepherdsLOOK AFTER BELIEVERS – cultivate healing community within the family of God.

5.      TeachersLEARN AND IMPART – train disciples to live out of a biblical revelation.

As we learn and receive from one another as we each function in our supernatural gifts, we all grow to a rounded and well balanced maturity in Christ.

Some believers do have additional gifts of church leadership, which takes these ministries to another level.

Some symptoms of being apostolic:

1.      Passionate about the biblical DNA of the kingdom.

2.      Passionate about imparting and safeguarding foundational truths of the gospel.

3.      Passionate about planting and establishing new gospel communities and banding them together in love.

4.      Passionate about raising up leaders.

5.      You provide contexts for others to flourish in.


Some symptoms of being prophetic:

1.      Sensitive to the invisible realm and atmospheres.

2.      God-centric people who inspire encounters with the divine.

3.      Deeply responsive to the voice of the Spirit.

4.      Your words have a strong and liberating influence upon people.

5.      Passionate about gospel foundations and our remaining faithful to Christ.

6.      Alert to anything that is unhealthy in the church, however hidden.


Some symptoms of being evangelistic:

1.      Energised by contact with unsaved people.

2.      Motivated by an urgent love for people.

3.      Deeply impacted by the gospel and never stop talking about Jesus.

4.      Very persuasive.

5.      Overflowing with the grace and goodness of God.

6.      People are attracted to your message and get saved around you.


Some symptoms of being a shepherd:

1.      You care deeply for people and want to help them.

2.      People open up to you very easily and want to pour it all out.

3.      Your phone rings a lot.

4.      You are patient.

5.      You hate it when people fall-out and do all you can to bring them back together.

6.      You love warm and happy community.


Symptoms of being a teacher:

1.      Passionate about truth.

2.      You want to understand the bible, not just read it.

3.      You have the patience and capacity to read extensively and to dig deep.

4.      You love discussing / debating doctrine.

5.      You love to help others understand the bible.


Symptoms of being a leader in your gift:

1.      You turn around and people are wanting to follow you.

2.      Your influence brings health to the body.

3.      The fruit of your ministry is there for all to see.

4.      Others affirm your ministry.

5.      You find a joy in it.