The Lord’s Supper


• “Master, why do we have to get arrange for a 26-person-table when we’re only 13?”
• Last week about the “Temple” in the Big Story of the Bible:
• God wants to be with His people
• Jesus is God’s real temple!

• There must be more
• In BOLD letters there are lots of clues that should tell us there is more!

Exodus 12

• God’s judgement will be their salvation!
• btw, a one year old ram is quite big!
• Red Sea = no return! cut off!

Matthew 26

• Can you imagine how weird this must have been for the apostles?
• Prophets: God is making a new covenant!

baptism // completely becoming part of the Lamb, passing through the Sea!

Lord’s Supper is like a sermon to ourselves!
We confirm to ourselves what

Revelation 19 -first judgement, than Supper and a few minutes later we even have a prince on a white horse!
Reminiscent of the prophets! There will come a day that God will eat with us again, best wines and foods!