The story is…

Daniël digs deep into the Story of God, The Story of Man and how those two relate, interact and fiinally merge into one everlasting story.


Good afternoon everybody, welcome again, hope you enjoyed the singing and praising of our God. My name is Daniel for those of you who don’t know me yet. I’m one of the leaders of this church and I it is my joy , pleasure and honor to share something today out of Gods word, the bible.

We believe the bible is Gods word, that God has revealed himself, his plan, His Story. We believe that all throughout the bible Gods Story of his Glory and His purpose is worked out in the numerous smaller stories, we probably all know. There is a story of grace and redemption, salvation and restoration in every account in the bible. The bible is one Story, Gods Story, divided into smaller stories, building up to a climaxe, the pinnacle, the summon of all stories, Jesus Christ!

Today I want to dig deeper into the Story of God, The Story of Man and how those two relate, interact and fiinally merge into one everlasting story.

 Th question to you guys, what is your story going to be…


The story of God

Hebrews 1:1-4

Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers, by the prophets, but in the last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world. He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of his power.

God speaks. God wants his story to be known and to be heard. Gods desire is to share his story So God sents his prophets to remind the people, to remind us, what the story of a God is. The revelation of Gods plan isn’t exclusively told by prophets. No, even creation itself is an advert of God story, of God himself.

Just take a look at creation. What does creation tells us about God. 

The universe in all it’s fastness, the length, depth and height of it can’t even be measured. Studying the size of it, leads us to consider the incomparable size and power of almighty God.

If you know something about science, then you’ve probably heard of atoms and neutrons and electrons and protons. Tiny bits of matter, unseen by the human eyes, yet significant for life, and growth. It tells us about a God who is concerned with the smallest detail. 

On earth live billions of creatures so tiny that they can’t be seen with the naked eye. In the top inch of forest soil there are 340 different animals in the area covering my footprint. So when you go for a mile long walk you kill about 600 thousand of them…These animals tell us about the care and providence of almighty God. Just read Matt 10:29 where it says ” are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father…”

Just reading the first sentence of the Bible, is a story in itself. In the beginning…God created. in the beginning…God. Before time, before space, heaven and earth, there was God. It tells us what an eternal a God he is. 


So in every aspect of creation there is a story of God. But what then is the ultimate story of God the prophets in the old days we’re talking about.

To know God Story we must go back to the beginning.

Genesis 1: 26-27

Then god said, let us make man in our image, make them reflecting our nature. So they can  be responsible for the birds in the air snd the fish in the sea, the catlle and yes, even earth itself and every animal that moves on the face of the earth. So God created human beings, he created them godlike, reflecting Gods nature, he created them, male and female.

God’s story put into one sentence is this: God wants his Glory to fill the earth, so he made human beings refelcting his own image and gave them responsibility to reproduce and to rule the earth.


There are  3 points I’d like to look at: relationship, responsibility to reproduce and rule, and reflect.

We’re gonna look at it from Gods perspective, Gods Story, and we’re gonna look at it in the eyes of mankind, or Mans Story.

  • Relationship

God is three persons in one. Father Son and Holy Spirit. They life work and act in perfect harmony, they life in perfect relationship with eachother. God lives in community and relationship, so the creatures in own image  do as well. That’s why God said it was a bad idea for us to be alone. We were made for relationship with other people and without it we cannot cope. 


  • Responsibility to reproduce and rule

Question: what was the first commandment God gave man? Do not eat from that tree…wrong!!! God first gave man a responsibility and a blessing. In Genesis 1:28 it says, 

And God blessed them. And God said to them ‘be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and  have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.

In other words God gave man, gave us. The responsibility to reproduce, fill the earth and be fruitful, or said plain have sex and make babies…and to rule, or take care of everything that is on the face if the earth. 

That is quiet a responsibility God entrust in mankind. Although it may sound like a pretty heavy task, God blessed them, he enabled them he gave them authority to do what was right in Gods eyes.


  • Reflect

Man is made in Gods image. We are physically made in the image of God, that is the most obviously thing about being made in Gods Image. It might sound shocking, but it’s what the bible tells us. We look like God. When God took flesh, in the being of Jesus, he didn’t came as a lion, bear a cow or a toucan, no he came as a human being. We reflect God. 

The other thingl about reflecting, or being made in Gods own Image, that we have the nature of God. In other words the being of God, all who he is, is relflected most effectively in us. Wow…just stop a minute and think about this. God almighty, creator, who upholds the universe, made us in His image, so we might reflect who he is. What a position, such an honor…

God wants His Glory to fill the earth, so he made mankind, male and female to reflect his own image by having relationships, and gave them responsibility to reproduce and rule.

Enter the Story of mankind….


  • Relationship

first thing man did, was basically denying the relationship with God. Let me explain, the first sin man did, wasn’t eating the forbidden fruit. Eating the fruit was a result of a bigger sin. Snake tells lies, man forgets the relationship they have with God, and ultimately , in their heart decide that they are better of without God, they know better than God, and they can decide themselves what is best…

It’s like having an affair when your married. The origin of that sin is that you convienteltly forget that you have a wife / Husband , a relationship, and put your own desires above that of the other, you seek to be you r own master…result is that you end up in bed with a man or woman, not your husband or wife…

We see the consequences of the first sin daily, when we look at relationships in the world today. Nation against nation, war, genocide, child-molestaion, sextraffic…broken relations every where. 


  • Responsibility to reproduce and to rule

Well in the story of man, we got the reproducing bit right… Physically you could say we’ve done a good job with more than 7 billion of us…But is it a fruitful are reproducing of what God wants? Again I think we just have to look at the world today, and see that what we are reproducing isn’t fruitfulness in the way Wrote it in his Story…hunger, injustice, etc

What about how we rule the earth…we don’t rule the earth as god intended it, we robbed the earth from its beauty, environmental problems, animal species getting extinct…etc etc.. Basically we as humans have taken no responsibility to reproduce fruitful way and rule the earth as image bearers of God…


  •  Reflect

Made in the image if God, fallen man, sinful man is unable to reflect God.

The story of Man is a sad story, about inabilities, failure, hurt, missing our foal, it seems like humankind has been erased out of the Story of God.



Gods story doesn’t finish with mans sin it doesn’t finish there…What God has spoken he will do, grass may whither, flowers die, but the word of The Lord is eternal… Gods Dtory continues, he never changed it, the Story is and Always be 

Gods Glory to fill the earth!!!

So God wrote a new chapter, a chapter of redemption. Een in the very beginning after am first sinned, God said, I will provide for a Saviour, Iwill carry on my story, it may take a while but I am faithful.

He gather himself a people, who still had the same troubled with relationships responsibility ruling snd reflecting, but God committed himself to them and out of that people He ultimate provided the solution the only solution to the restore the brokenness of mankind.

He gave His only Son. He gave His Son to a people that denied him, didn’t want anything to do with Him, decided to do it their own way, we’re dead I the eyes of God… For those people for you and me God gave his Son Jesus Christ.


And in Jesus, suffering death snd resurrection man has once again been incorporated into God Story…


Everything we could not do, because  of our sinful nature Jesus did. And by dying in our place he made us a new creation. We are now a new creation, and God enabled us, just as His plan always was, to fill the earth with His Glory…reflecting His image , having relationships that are good in the way God intended, Relstionship with God is restored, Relstionship with man, nations tribe has been restored, we now can Reproduce fruitfully and reflect the goodness of God. 

Although we still life in a broken world, a world still under the curse of sin, God is still telling His Story…Gods Story will succeed, and has a true happy ending for all who are once again invited back into His Story…


So the Question fire us toddy remains, who do we want to write our story. Is it you, is it circumstances, expectations…what do we reflect in our daily lives? What do we reproduce? 

Do you want to write your own story, or will you let the Author of life , author of salvation write your story. God wants you to be part of his story today, he has spoken in many ways, and at many times, but now he speaks to you throug His Son Jesus Christ, who upholds the universe who is the author and sustainer of life till eternity.



What is your story gonna be… Fill in the blanks The story is….